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Xe Audi SQ7 - SUV diesel mạnh nhất thế giới

The Audi SQ7 is a 435bhp diesel SUV. Audi adds tri-turbocharged V8 diesel to Q7. Result is plentiful speed and all the torque.

2.500.000 (đ/ngày)

  • Hiệu: Audi
  • Đời xe: 2016
  • Kiểu xe: xe 7 chỗ
  • Màu xe: Bạc - Đen - Trắng - Xanh

Another day, another face-bendingly powerful SUV. Take a step backward to gaze upon the outsize countenance of the Audi SQ7. And all 664 of its torques.

It also kicks out 435bhp. That gets the SQ7 from zero to 62 in comfortably under five seconds. The urge comes from novel technology. It’s a new V8 4.0 diesel with three turbos. Two are your usual exhaust-driven items, but the third is a world-first electrically driven turbo.

OK, tech-heads, pay attention. The two conventional turbos aren’t even conventionally disposed. Rather than a one-per-bank arrangement, they sit in the V. The first is for light acceleration and cruising. The second one comes into play for big efforts.

The electric turbo snuggles up to the engine, after the intercoolers. It’s powered by a 48 volt motor so can spin-up in less than a quarter of a second. It uses about 10bhp when running at full load. That might sound significant, but after all some belt-drive superchargers on petrol engines absorb up to 100bhp. “With this solution, turbo lag is history,” says Audi. Yeah well, we’ll see, but the idea is certainly ruddy canny.

There’s more. The valve lift is variable, and each of the two exhaust valves in each cylinder is independently controlled. One set is piped to the light-load turbo while the other set stays shut. To get the second blower into play, the second set of exhaust valves is activated.

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